The limitless benefits
of messy play

› Teaches about immediate environment

› Encourages social interaction & confidence

› Builds concentration

› Develops early motor skills, dexterity & hand eye co-ordination

› Stimulates sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, balance, movement and language skills

› Helps cognitive development

› Lets imaginations run wild while they experiment with the mess that they’ll make each week!

How you can help your little monster get the most out of our classes

› Be hands on and don’t be afraid of the mess, demonstrate “how to” and encourage them to copy you

› Let them be free to explore at their own pace

› Encourage them to touch & smell

› Describe to them what they are seeing, smelling, touching, talk about how things look, feel, smell, move, sound, and maybe even taste!

› Describe actions such as stir, pour, drip and splash